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Diversity and Inclusion

This is a series of lessons on diversity and inclusion for KS2 children. By the end of the lesson, children should be able to understand what discrimination, diversity and social inclusion mean. By the end of the unit, they should write a magazine article to explain to other children what diversity is and how they can be more inclusive.

Cancel Culture

A series of lessons exploring the impact and responses to to cancel culture in modern society. Students will hear a range of opinions from both sides of the spectrum. The lesson includes analysis of a newspaper article and a debate activity.


How can condoms be used effectively? Does one size of condom fit all? Read this guide to find out!

Equality and Diversity

What does equality and diversity mean to you? Learn more about its importance, the benefits and how to celebrate and champion equality and diversity in these series of lessons.

Personal Pronouns

Through a series of six lessons you will be looking at an introduction to personal pronouns and gender identity.

How to talk to kids about sex

Are you a parent/guardian of a child/teenager who is starting to get curious? Or perhaps you think it’s time to tell them about the ‘birds and the bees’.

Check out our guide below on how to talk to kids about sex


In this series of six lessons you will explore the history of Pride and how it is celebrated differently throughout the world. You will learn about different identities under the LGBT+ umbrella and what allyship means.