Key Stage 5


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In this series of six lessons you will explore the history of Pride and how it is celebrated differently throughout the world. You will learn about different identities under the LGBT+ umbrella and what allyship means.

Introducing Literary Theory

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Studying literature is so much more than ‘the blue curtains reflect the protagonist’s sadness’. Analysing texts can be a bold, exciting and radical act! In this cycle of six lessons, you will be introduced to six main schools of literary theory (Marxism, feminism, gender studies & queer theory, postcolonialism and animal studies & ecocriticism). What you will learn will both complement and challenge what you have been taught in the classroom and help you see your favourite literary texts (and maybe even the world) in a whole new light!

crime and deviance alternative curriculum lesson

Crime and Deviance

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We live in a world with increased government crackdowns on what is considered criminal activity at the same time that governments themselves seem to be flouting national and international laws. Through a series of six lessons you will explore the nature of crime and deviance in modern society; the state’s role in that; how the norms of a society affect crime and attitudes towards both state and personal protections against crime.

Misogyny, Consent and Healthy Relationships

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These lessons explore how misogyny contributes to the negative experience that women have in modern society and looks at ways in which everyday misogyny and toxic masculinity can be challenged and overcome by men themselves.

women's rights and representation alternative curriculim

Women’s Rights and Representation

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Through a series of six lessons you will learn about women’s global struggle for equal rights. You will also explore key issues surrounding gender equality in: the Arts, sport, education, film and music. You will also learn about inspirational women in these areas.

history of hop hop alternative curriculum lesson

A History of Hip-Hop

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In 6 lessons, learn about the origins of Hip-Hop and its development as a music genre. You will look closely and key artists who dominated the East-Coast and West-Coast scenes after Biggie and Tupac, and discover three key contentious areas of Hip-Hop: women in Hip-Hop, whiteness in Hip-Hop and the LGBT+ Community in Hip-Hop.

Irish History

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Through a series of six lessons you will gain an overview of Irish history. You will also practise the key skill of analysing historical sources by looking at poignant moments in Ireland’s recent history in more depth.

Early 20th Century Ireland

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Through a series of six lessons you will be exploring different aspects of Irish history through literary texts

Identity - Alternative Curriculum


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In these six lessons students will explore different aspects of identity in the 21st Century. The lessons cover the topics of: gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, political identity and online identity.

Women In The Media

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This lesson explores the role of Women in the media and their representation.