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Welcome to Alternative Curriculum!

The resources on this website are intended to be learning tools that allow you to practise skills that you learn in school/college, however they are not intended to be a replacement for learning in school/college.

The resources on this website are intended to amplify voices that aren’t heard or celebrated in the national curriculum. All of the views expressed in lessons are of the individuals who have created them and are not held by Alternative Curriculum as an organisation.

How to use

Each week a new cycle of lessons will be released. There will be six lessons, and accompanying resources, that will appear on the website on Mondays. Resources are categorised into Key Stages, please only access lessons that are appropriate for your Key Stage.

You can move through lessons at your own pace, they are a supporting resource for you so please use them in the way that’s most helpful to you. Each lesson will build on the previous one so it is recommended you go through them in order.

Remember to always ask for permission from your parent/carer before accessing any resources on Alternative Curriculum.