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The UK Energy Crisis

Pupils will learn about the current energy crisis facing the UK. They will watch videos and read personal accounts from those affected to inform their learning. Pupils will then have an opportunity to practice writing a letter to their MP and to debate the topic as a class.


Through a series of six lessons you will gain an understanding of the genre of Chick-Lit, its key features and examples of famous Chick-Lit novels. You will also get a chance to start crafting your own protagonist!

Female Artists

This is a series of lessons on female artists. You will learn about six artists who have shaped art history, the techniques they pioneered and examples of their work.

Diet Culture

An exploration of how diet culture has permeated the consciousness of mainstream society. We also look at fatphobia and healthy relationships with food. Pupils will get the opportunity to create a leaflet and present as part of a group.

Grayson Perry-The Vanity of Small Differences

Through a series of six lessons you are going to be examining Grayson Perry’s large scale tapestry series entitled ‘the Vanity of Small Differences’. You will be exploring key ideas about class, social mobility and prejudice.

The World’s Wife

This is a 6 lesson project looking at versions of events from a woman’s point of view. Using ‘The Worlds Wife’ collection of poems by Carol Ann Duffy we explore stereotypes and how the media perceive women and events today.

Safe Sex

An in depth look at the holistic nature of safe sex, looking at the physical, emotional and legal risks of being in a sexual relationship. Some of the topics include STIs and contraception, abusive relationships, consent and sex drive.

Money and society

This set of lessons looks at the importance of money, how to effectively budget, and how to live in an economically conscious way. The lessons cover how to shop and cook on a budget, the importance of saving and budget retail with a focus on the negative impacts of fast fashion. In the final lesson, students will explore the role that foodbanks play in the UK.