The Exploration of Cultures in Asia

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Through a series of six lessons you will gain an understanding of how to analyse historical sources through examining the culture of six different Asian countries. By exploring different aspects of the culture in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines you will consider how to interpret different historical sources and think about how bias impacts them too.

Disability Representation

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This is a series of lessons is on disability representation for KS3 learners. Through a series of lessons you will learn more about how disability has been explored through different art mediums and why positive representation is important.

Diet Culture

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An exploration of how diet culture has permeated the consciousness of mainstream society. We also look at fatphobia and healthy relationships with food. Pupils will get the opportunity to create a leaflet and present as part of a group.

Equal marriage

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This series of lessons explore a history of equal marriage in the UK and an understanding of why equal marriage is important.

The World’s Wife

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This is a 6 lesson project looking at versions of events from a woman’s point of view. Using ‘The Worlds Wife’ collection of poems by Carol Ann Duffy we explore stereotypes and how the media perceive women and events today.

Safe Sex

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An in depth look at the holistic nature of safe sex, looking at the physical, emotional and legal risks of being in a sexual relationship. Some of the topics include STIs and contraception, abusive relationships, consent and sex drive.

Money and society

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This set of lessons looks at the importance of money, how to effectively budget, and how to live in an economically conscious way. The lessons cover how to shop and cook on a budget, the importance of saving and budget retail with a focus on the negative impacts of fast fashion. In the final lesson, students will explore the role that foodbanks play in the UK.

mental health matters ks3 lesson alternative curriculum

Mental Health Matters

Through a series of six lessons you will learn about mental health. You will explore the stigma attached to mental health, how to recognise signs and symptoms of mental health problems and identify positive coping strategies. You will reflect on the way social media can impact our mental health and the positive role models that exist who promote the open discussion of mental health.

w.e.b. du bois Racism, Inequality, Cultural Pride & Revolutionaries

Racism, Inequality, Cultural Pride & Revolutionaries

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Through a series of six lessons you will consider the importance of learning about true histories. You will learn about key historical movements, cultures and figures and will reflect on how fairly Black people are represented in the history that we are taught.

diversity on screen alternative curriculum

Diversity on Screen

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These lessons highlight the importance of inclusivity on screen and how what we see on TV and in films affects us in everyday life. We also learn how to analyse articles and the importance of different perspectives.