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A brief look at PRIDE and LGBT+ History.

w.e.b. du bois Racism, Inequality, Cultural Pride & Revolutionaries

Racism, Inequality, Cultural Pride & Revolutionaries

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Through a series of six lessons you will consider the importance of learning about true histories. You will learn about key historical movements, cultures and figures and will reflect on how fairly Black people are represented in the history that we are taught.

women's rights and representation alternative curriculim

Women’s Rights and Representation

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Through a series of six lessons you will learn about women’s global struggle for equal rights. You will also explore key issues surrounding gender equality in: the Arts, sport, education, film and music. You will also learn about inspirational women in these areas.

The Black Panthers - who were the black panther party

Who were the Black Panthers?

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Through a series of six lessons you will learn who the Black Panthers were and how they were founded. You will find out about key members of the Party as well as considering their legacy.

history of hop hop alternative curriculum lesson

A History of Hip-Hop

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In 6 lessons, learn about the origins of Hip-Hop and its development as a music genre. You will look closely and key artists who dominated the East-Coast and West-Coast scenes after Biggie and Tupac, and discover three key contentious areas of Hip-Hop: women in Hip-Hop, whiteness in Hip-Hop and the LGBT+ Community in Hip-Hop.

Irish History

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Through a series of six lessons you will gain an overview of Irish history. You will also practise the key skill of analysing historical sources by looking at poignant moments in Ireland’s recent history in more depth.

Early 20th Century Ireland

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Through a series of six lessons you will be exploring different aspects of Irish history through literary texts

Olive Elaine Morris - influential black women

Influential Black Women in History

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This lesson is aimed at people who are at KS3 of their studies. The lesson is a historical study of influential Black women in history, past and present. The lesson provides key biographical information about six influential Black women and asks users to analyses sources about them and how this links to their legacies.