Personal Pronouns

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Through a series of six lessons you will be looking at an introduction to personal pronouns and gender identity.


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A brief look at PRIDE and LGBT+ History.

The World’s Wife

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This is a 6 lesson project looking at versions of events from a woman’s point of view. Using ‘The Worlds Wife’ collection of poems by Carol Ann Duffy we explore stereotypes and how the media perceive women and events today.

Introducing Literary Theory

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Studying literature is so much more than ‘the blue curtains reflect the protagonist’s sadness’. Analysing texts can be a bold, exciting and radical act! In this cycle of six lessons, you will be introduced to six main schools of literary theory (Marxism, feminism, gender studies & queer theory, postcolonialism and animal studies & ecocriticism). What you will learn will both complement and challenge what you have been taught in the classroom and help you see your favourite literary texts (and maybe even the world) in a whole new light!

diversity on screen alternative curriculum

Diversity on Screen

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These lessons highlight the importance of inclusivity on screen and how what we see on TV and in films affects us in everyday life. We also learn how to analyse articles and the importance of different perspectives.

The work of James Baldwin and Ta-Nehisi Coates

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Through a series of six lessons you will be looking comparatively at ‘The Fire Next Time’ by James Baldwin and ‘Between the World and Me’ by Ta-Nehisi Coates. To gain more of an understanding of both texts you will explore their context- the Civil Rights era and Black Lives Matter movement and how they have shaped both America and the world.

Pre and Post colonial Africa

Pre-colonial and post-colonial Africa

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These lessons look at the context of pre-colonial and post-colonial Africa whilst allowing pupils to practice their creative writing and analysis of discursive writing. Critical thinking and independent learning is encouraged throughout.

Poetry by Black authors

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Our first cycle of lessons on Alternative Curriculum is on poetry in celebration of Black History Month. The theme of identity will be explored and a range of poetic styles from different eras will be discussed. From the Harlem Renaissance to rap music the lessons will explore how to successfully analyse and annotate poems.