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15 Minute cities with Hundertwasser

Pupils will learn about the concept of a 15 minute city. They will consider how to make a city more accessible for disabled people. They will then design their own accessible spaces with a city and use elements of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser to do so.

Black women in the music industry

Through a series of six lessons you will gain an understanding of the way Black women are represented in the music industry. Whilst learning about the discriminatory attitudes that exist in the music industry you will also learn about positive role models. You will apply your knowledge through designing, drawing and speech writing meaning this lesson focuses on multimedia.

Female Artists

This is a series of lessons on female artists. You will learn about six artists who have shaped art history, the techniques they pioneered and examples of their work.

Disability Representation

This is a series of lessons is on disability representation for KS3 learners. Through a series of lessons you will learn more about how disability has been explored through different art mediums and why positive representation is important.

Grayson Perry-The Vanity of Small Differences

Through a series of six lessons you are going to be examining Grayson Perry’s large scale tapestry series entitled ‘the Vanity of Small Differences’. You will be exploring key ideas about class, social mobility and prejudice.