Key Stage 4

Conspiracy Theories

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These lessons aim to provoke critical thinking and understand the power of persuasion and propaganda.

crime and deviance alternative curriculum lesson

Crime and Deviance

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We live in a world with increased government crackdowns on what is considered criminal activity at the same time that governments themselves seem to be flouting national and international laws. Through a series of six lessons you will explore the nature of crime and deviance in modern society; the state’s role in that; how the norms of a society affect crime and attitudes towards both state and personal protections against crime.

diversity on screen alternative curriculum

Diversity on Screen

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These lessons highlight the importance of inclusivity on screen and how what we see on TV and in films affects us in everyday life. We also learn how to analyse articles and the importance of different perspectives.

Misogyny, Consent and Healthy Relationships

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These lessons explore how misogyny contributes to the negative experience that women have in modern society and looks at ways in which everyday misogyny and toxic masculinity can be challenged and overcome by men themselves.

The work of James Baldwin and Ta-Nehisi Coates

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Through a series of six lessons you will be looking comparatively at ‘The Fire Next Time’ by James Baldwin and ‘Between the World and Me’ by Ta-Nehisi Coates. To gain more of an understanding of both texts you will explore their context- the Civil Rights era and Black Lives Matter movement and how they have shaped both America and the world.

free speech - alternative curriculum

What is Free Speech?

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An exploration of “free speech” in the UK and USA. The lesson includes an evaluation of cancel culture, intolerance and conspiracy theories.

money management, careers, workers rights - alternative curriculum

Money Management, Careers and Workers’ Rights

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In this series of six lessons you will be exploring many different aspects of money management, career choices and important things to know when you have a job. These lessons will also explore the gender pay gap and ethnicity pay gap whilst detailing key things to know about employee rights at work.

Early 20th Century Ireland

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Through a series of six lessons you will be exploring different aspects of Irish history through literary texts

Identity - Alternative Curriculum


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In these six lessons students will explore different aspects of identity in the 21st Century. The lessons cover the topics of: gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, political identity and online identity.